Number one Lightest Tank Container In The World



Main benefits 40% weight reduction &
50% better insulation



Years return on investment



Reliability constructed with a minimum safety factor of 4



% more pay-load
saving tons of CO2



What’s in it for you?

Tankwell is the global market leader in the development and production of lightweight tank containers for bulk logistics of liquids. Bulk liquids require the right expertise to be shipped safely and efficiently. Tankwell offers a safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution for shipping bulk liquids while also lowering carbon emissions. How? Our tank containers are 40% lighter and provide 50% better insulation than conventional stainless-steel tank containers. Because of the reduced weight of 40%, our tank container provides an extra payload of five percent, resulting in 5% lower carbon emissions due to reduced shipments. Our lightweight tank containers are the solution for making the liquid logistics sector more sustainable and efficient.

What's in it for you?

Benefits lightweight tank container

The benefits of Tankwells’ lightweight tank containers range from significant tare weight reduction to improved thermal performance. Due to the 40% lower tare weight, Tankwell’s tank containers can transport up to 5% more payload than conventional steel tank containers. The 50% improved thermal insulation results in a reduction of heating or cooling in your supply chain. Due to the 5% extra payload, your transport becomes more efficient, which allows you to double your logistics lead time without additional heating or resulting in 5% lower carbon emissions. The additional investment made on a Tankwell container is repaid within three years.



Lightweight tank containers

Shipping bulk liquids cost-efficient is a challenge. How to select a tank container that meets your organizations’ needs? Tankwell is a distinctive producer of the world’s lightest tank container offering an environmentally friendly shipping method that reduces costs, carbon emissions and has a better insulation technique. We are at the forefront of technological developments in the logistics industry and practices of sustainable shipping of liquids. Are you interested in how our tank containers can optimize your business’ logistics and supply chain while lowering carbon emissions? Find more about the benefits here.

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Optimizing your liquid logistics

World's number 1 solution

Tankwell is the world’s number one solution for optimizing your liquid logistics while reducing your companies’ carbon footprint. The use of our lightweight containers provides a shipping method that maximizes your supply chain, reduces time, costs, and lowers carbon emissions. Tankwells’ lightweight tank containers are suitable for various industries and markets and have the same lifespan as conventional stainless steel tanks.


For chemicals and food

Whether transporting chemicals, food products, or raw materials, our customers always benefit from the advantages that Tankwell lightweight tank containers have to offer.

The clear benefits can be tailor-made to optimize your logistics chain, save costs and reduce the CO2 footprint. If you would like to know more about the options for food products or specific chemicals, please contact us.

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