50% better insulation

Tankwell is the global market leader in lightweight liquid tank containers. Our containers offer a safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution for shipping bulk liquids while also lowering carbon emissions. The thermal insulation of Tankwell tank containers is almost two times better than conventional steel containers. Many products require a specific temperature during transportation and loading/unloading. For these liquids, optimal insulation of the tank container is essential to maintain the right temperature. Due to Tankwells’ construction methodology, it means that they can remain at the right temperature for 2 to 4 days longer, depending, of course, on the outside temperature.

This results in the following benefits:

1) When there is no heating on the tank container, the logistic lead time with a Tankwell tank container can be twice the time available with a conventional container.

2) If the lead time is too long for a conventional tank container, extra heating is required. This means that the tank container has to go to a heating facility close to the dispatch location to be heated for several hours, costing extra traveling distance, time, and heating cost. The logistic lead time and cost will increase by 5 – 20%. By using a Tankwell tank container, these additional costs are avoided.

Another scenario while transporting liquids is, that the product needs to be kept between a specific temperature range during transportation. The container might need a heating system to maintain the liquids’ temperature between particular limits. Tankwell tank containers’ application offers the possibility to use a heating system with only half of the capacity, reducing weight, equipment, and fuel costs.

Extend your logistic lead time

by 100% without additional heating

Do you want to optimize your logistics for liquids that require temperature control? The excellent thermal insulation properties of Tankwell tank containers can add value to your logistics and supply chain. You can extend your logistic lead time by 100% without additional heating. Part of Tankwells’ additional services is to predict your freight’s temperature change using our developed models. This way, you can optimize your supply chain while reducing your CO2 emissions at the same time. For more information, contact us.