As of January 1st, 2019, the legislation has changed for road transport in Finland, allowing combinations of 68 tons with a length of 34.5 meters for road transport of ADR products.

Due to this change, A H Trans Oy developed a combination with a Tankwell lightweight tank container.

By using a Tankwell lightweight tank container in a combination for the transport of salt (outward) and sodium chlorate (return), over 4 million of kilograms of product can be shipped per year extra.

CEO of AH Trans Antti Heikkilä says: “The lightness of the tank is the main benefit for us: We can carry about 2000 kilograms more chemical and salt in every trip, because the tare weight of the combination gives an advantage in both loads. This means that the Tankwell tank container gives us about 5% more payload per transport!”

Tankwell congratulates A H Trans with their choice for efficiency and sustainability.

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