Many products can cause pitting in stainless steel tanks. It may start as a minor issue, but can result in serious rusting and damage to the tank. It might or might not be repairable. Once pitting occurs, the material is weakened and it’s likely to happen again.

Pitting does not only occur with corrosive products (e.g. class 8) but also with more common non-hazardous fluids. Examples are calcium chloride, zinc chloride, aluminum chloride, etc. but also acidic fruit juices or soy sauce. One way to avoid pitting is by installing an expensive liner.

Nevertheless, there is a much more economical way to avoid pitting. This is by using a lightweight tank container from Tankwell. Apart from the weight benefit, which can be up to 2 tons, Tankwell tank containers do not require an expensive liner to transport these kinds of products. It, therefore, eliminates the additional investment for a lining and avoids cost in maintenance & repair.

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