Since 2018, Gösta Johanssons Åkeri is operating a Tankwell lightweight tank container flawlessly to transport hydrochloric acid.

Instead of investing in a multi-compartment semi-trailer, Gösta Johanssons Åkeri decided to invest in a Tankwell swap body container dedicated for the product.

CEO Urban Byström: “The Tankwell lightweight tank container gives the same loading capacity compared to a multi-compartment semi-trailer, but for a much better price. Furthermore, we can also swap the tank container and use the chassis for other transports, which is providing us more flexibility”.

Tankwell congratulates Gösta Johanssons Åkeri with their choice for efficiency and flexibility: Next to the economic advantage, the use of the lightweight tank container will save compared to a conventional tank container 15-20 tonnes CO2-emission annually.

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