Q: Are Tankwell tank containers suitable for the same products as conventional stainless steel tank containers?

A: Some products that can be transported in composite tanks cannot be transported in stainless steel tanks and the other way around. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can Tankwell provide advice regarding chemical compatibility?

A: Yes we can, please send your inquiry to: info@tankwell.nl.

Q: Is it possible to transport products with a low flash point (<60°C) in a Tankwell composite tank container?

A: Yes, this is possible in our antistatic tank containers. For this version, the tank container is modified according to ADR, Ch. 6.9 in order to prevent the build up of electrostatic charges.

Q: Is the lifespan of a Tankwell composite tank container the same as of a conventional steel tank container?

A: Yes, the design and the applied materials are chosen in order to achieve a lifespan of at least 20 years if handled properly and in a professional manner.

Q: Does a Tankwell lightweight tank container come with the same equipment as a steel tank container?

A: Yes, the equipment on Tankwell tank containers is the same and interchangeable with commonly applied tank container equipment. 

Q: Is steam cleaning possible with Tankwell tank containers?

A: Yes, although the maximum service temperature is 70°C, higher temperatures can be applied in the cleaning process. Steam cleaning is possible.

Q: Is it possible to repair Tankwell tank containers?

A: Yes. The composite can be repaired applying recognized repair methods and principles for composite products. Typically, the repair cost is the same or lower compared to repairs of conventional stainless steel tanks.

Q: Are Tankwell tank containers more or less sustainable to produce?

A: The production of Tankwell tank containers has a lower CO2 footprint compared to stainless steel tank containers: Even if 90% of the steel in conventional tank containers is recycled and no recycled materials are applied in Tankwell tanks, the production of Tankwell tanks still requires 2500 kg CO2 less.

Q: Are there any End of Life Options for composite material?

A: Yes, although recycling is still in an early stage of development, there are several potential routes for glass reinforced plastics, for example cement kiln processing and incineration.