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Meet Tankwell

Tankwell is the global market leader in the development and production of lightweight tank containers for liquids’ green logistics. We are at the forefront of technical innovations by producing lightweight tank containers that allow your business and logistics to be more cost-efficient and sustainable. Our design and manufacture process focuses on weight reduction, insulation improvement, safety, and green logistics. We optimize the use of tank containers by using lightweight composite materials resulting in an extra payload of 5%, which leads to a reduction of shipments. The 50% improved thermal insulation results in a reduction of heating or cooling in your supply chain. The investment on a Tankwell container is paid back within three years, making it a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution to optimize your supply chain.

Added value



was founded



of the world’s lightest tank container



are successfully in operation

Tankwell is founded in 2012 as the first company in the world to develop ADR approved lightweight composite tank containers. The world’s lightest tank container was first introduced in 2015. Since then, over 650 units are successfully in operation by well-known international, liquid transport companies. The core competence of Tankwell is cross-disciplinary innovation. We combine the opportunities that new composite technology offers with tank container market knowledge. Tankwell’s mission is to promote sustainable bulk liquid shipping through lightweight design, optimize our customer’s supply chain and to be of added value to our customers, employees, and the natural environment.

Technical skills, drive and passion

Sharing knowledge and joining forces

Our team consists of a unique group of individuals with a shared vision. With our technical skills, drive, and passion, we create sustainable solutions for our customers that make a difference. The primary benefit being able to reduce CO2 emissions in liquid bulk logistics. Tankwells’ production facility is located in Wieringerwerf, north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our game-changing development is the result of close collaboration between Composite Production Technology (CPT) and Flax Field Europe. We unite advanced composite science and engineering, vast industrialization knowledge, and over 50 years of collective experience in tank container engineering and application. Tankwell is a CPT Brand.