Tankwells product range undergoes continuous development.

Currently the portfolio consists of

Tankwell swap body tank containers 

  • tare weight from 2300 kg
  • volumes: 28, 29, 31, 34,4 m3
  • other volumes on request

Tankwell ISO tank containers

  • tare weight from 2300 kg
  • volumes 21 to 24,5 m3

Tankwell 20’ Overwide tank containers

  • tare weight from 2300 kg
  • volumes 24,6 to 26 m3


  • Certification: RID/ADR/CSC/IMO4
  • Service temperature: -40°C to +70 °C*
  • Working pressure: 2,67 bar
  • Maximum external pressure: 0,4 bar
  • Maximum gross weight: 39.000 kg

* Cleaning possible at higher temperatures 

Tank designs for several categories of products

  • Type I: the standard, suitable for a wide range of liquids: polymer dispersions, (base, mineral, hydraulic) oils, polyols, urea/Ad-Blue, lauryl alcohol, plasticizers, CaCl, MDI, TDI, fatty acids & products/oils, juices, wine/beer, dairy, acids, glucose, and many more
  • Type II: tank containers suitable for corrosive acids, such as hydrochloric acid with a concentration ranging from 5% up to 37%.
  • Type III: tank containers suitable for products such as alkalis / bleaches, for example sodium hydroxide.

⇒ For products with a flashpoint lower than 60ºC, an antistatic version of the tank containers is available. 

⇒ Tank containers can be equipped with a double wall for temperature control (non-ADR)

⇒ Baffles will be introduced in Q1 2020

⇒ More information regarding chemical compatibility, contact us: