Advantage of reduced weight

Tankwell is the world’s number one solution for optimizing your liquid logistics while reducing your carbon footprint. Our lightweight container provides a shipping method optimizing your supply chain, reducing time, costs, and lowering carbon emissions. Tankwell tank containers weigh approximately 1.5 tons less compared to conventional steel tank containers.

Given the weight limitations for road and intermodal transportation, Tankwell tank container offers an extra payload of 1.5 tons or 5% for intermodal logistics, saving costs in multiple ways:

  • A lower payload results in decreased fuel consumption.
  • Optimisation of the supply chain by carrying 5% more load per transportation. Resulting in -per ton of transported liquid- in a reduction of 5% on:
    • Fuel consumption
    • Labour cost
    • Cost for equipment
    • Cleaning cost, Maintenance/repair, certification, and insurance cost
    • Rest load after unloading, waste
    • Cost for CO2-pricing
  • Considering the whole logistic chain, all parties involved benefit from the additional payload of the Tankwell container. The producer – for instance- will be able to achieve cost reductions. The extra load leads to a 5% reduction of:
    • Loading and off-loading activities
    • Checks on incoming goods
    • Logistic planning, administration, entrance registration, etc.
    • Cleaning cost
    • Logistic waste
    • Potential spillage and incidents.

The additional payload offered by Tankwell lightweight tank containers is beneficial to all stakeholders in the logistic chain. If you need more information on using Tankwell tank containers to optimize your logistics, contact us.