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Transporting bulk liquids requires the right expertise and experience. Tankwell is the global market leader in green logistics with its lightweight liquid tank containers. Over the years, we assisted many companies in optimizing their supply chain while maintaining safety and maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

To support the application of Tankwell tank containers, we offer:

  • Advice on the chemical compatibility of products
  • Training/instruction on composite repair, inspection, and cleaning
  • Implementation support for Tankwell tank containers in the logistics chain
  • Calculations on temperature changes during transportation, heating/cooling
  • Repair and modifications

Lightweight containers bring many benefits to optimize your supply chain: from significant tare weight reduction to improved thermal performance. Due to its unique construction and use of lightweight materials, Tankwell’s tank containers can transport up to 5% more payload leading to a reduction of shipments. The 50% improved thermal insulation results in a reduction of heating or cooling in your supply chain. Feel free to contact us for more information and options for lightweight tank containers.

Lightweight tank containers

Shipping bulk liquids cost-efficient is a challenge. Tankwell combines the opportunities that composite technology offers with our tank container market knowledge. How to select a tank container that meets your organizations’ needs? Tankwell designs liquid tank containers in various sizes and suitable for several categories of products. Since the market introduction in 2015, over 650 units have been successfully operated by well-known liquid transport companies for use in chemical and food supply chains.

Tankwell is the world’s number one solution for optimizing your liquid logistics and supply chain while reducing your companies’ carbon footprint. We are at the forefront of technical innovations by producing lightweight tank containers that allow your business/logistics to be more cost-efficient and sustainable. Want to find out more about our products? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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