Making the world of liquid bulk transportation more sustainable and efficient is Tankwell’s mission. Reducing CO2 emissions is achieved during the life cycle of our product and the production and end of life phases. Because our tank containers are 40% lighter, offer 50% better insulation, and are made of materials with a 2.5 tonnes lower CO2 footprint than conventional stainless-steel tank containers, we genuinely provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution for the bulk liquids logistics sector. In addition, the investment on a Tankwell container is earned back within three years, making it both a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution to optimize your logistics.

How it works:

Production phase

More than 90% of the stainless steel in conventional tank containers is recycled. Despite this fact, the Tankwell composite tank container production has a CO2 footprint that is 2.5 tonnes lower than a traditional stainless-steel tank container.

Active use phase

Higher payload leads to reduction of 5% of transportation, this results in reduction of CO2 emissions, 15-20 tonnes per year compared to a conventional stainless-steel tank container used for road transport.

Over the life span the total CO2 reduction can be as high as 500 ton.

End of life

Although recycling of composite materials is still in an early stage of development, there are several potential routes for glass reinforced plastics, such as cement kiln processing and incineration.

World's number one solution

Tankwell is the world’s number one solution for optimizing your liquid logistics and supply chain while reducing your companies’ carbon footprint. The use of our lightweight containers provides a shipping method that reduces time, costs, and lowers carbon emissions. Tankwells’ lightweight tank containers are suitable for various industries and markets. Due to its technical design, our lightweight tank containers are easy to clean and maintain. Do you want more information about what our composite tanks containers can do for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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